Thursday, October 07, 2004


Monday, September 20, 2004

Kennedy demands Blair apology.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy has opened the LD Party Conferenfce by demanding the Prime Minister Tony Blair apologise for the mistakes in handling of the Iraq war. According to the BBC website Mr Kennedy said that Blair had one more chance to make a full and frank disclosure of the run up to war.

Kennedy demands apology over Iraq

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has opened his party's annual conference with a call for Tony Blair to apologise for mistakes over Iraq.
Addressing a rally in Bournemouth, Mr Kennedy called the war a "tragic folly" and the "biggest foreign policy error" since the Suez crisis.
It had left the UK's foreign policy reputation "in tatters" and eroded trust in politics in general, he said.
"At the very least prime minister just say sorry," Mr Kennedy told delegates.
'Mistaken war'
Mr Kennedy said: "Our reputation as a steady and stable force in international affairs is in tatters.
"We are no longer sure we can trust our intelligence services.
"We recoil from the loss of trust in government lawyers, former judges, senior civil servants - who have been sullied by entanglement with this mistaken war."
He said it was "too late to turn back the clock," on much of the damage, but the prime minister could at least apologise for his mistakes.
"Prime minister, why not just, even now, admit you got it wrong? Apologise? Say sorry for the damage you have done, the anguish you have caused, the wrongs that you can never now right?," Mr Kennedy said.
Earlier, at a press conference, Mr Kennedy said Mr Blair had "one opportunity left, when Parliament reassembles, to make a full and frank disclosure" of the run up to war.
In particular, the prime minister still had not answered the question of whether he had told US President George W Bush that Britain would be with the US in an Iraq war "come what may" before Parliament voted on the issue, Mr Kennedy said.

This follows on from the double blow to Bush and mainly Blair of the Iraq Survey Group finding NO evidence of WMDs or WMD Programs and the Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan declaring the war illegal. Blair should not just apologise he should resign.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Violence in the Commons.

A few months after the incident with the flour filled condoms and 2 days after the Fathers for Justice man scaling the wall of Buckingham Palace we have yet another security breach and a day of violence in the streets of London.

While parliament was debating the Bill to finally ban fox-hunting with hounds a group of pro hunt protesters burst into the chamber and had to be physically restrained.

Todays Independent had this to say.
A Security clampdown at the Houses of Parliament was under way last night after 5 supporters of hunting invaded the commons chamber.

On a day of highly charged emotions there were violent clashes between police and pro-hunt demonstrators outside Parliament which left 16 members of the public and one police officer injured. MPs voted last night to ban hunting with hounds by 356 votes to 166. Later a compromise move to delay the fox-hunting ban to July 2006 was backed by 342 votes to 15.
Police inquiries into the incident in the commons chamber were focusing on the theory that the protesters were helped by a researcher working for an unnamed Tory MP

What opinions to people hold on this incident and on the proposed ban in general?

Monday, September 13, 2004

Anniversary of September 11th

As Saturday was the third anniversary of the 9/11 attacks it would seem to be the most sensible discussion area to begin with. I have 3 questions which i hope will stimulate sensible discussion.

1. Has the international situation worsened or improved as a result of 9/11 and the US response to it?

2. Would a victory for John Kerry have any tangible and positive impact on the world today?

3. Is the current "War on Terror" strategy working or is a new one needed?

Note: If anyone wishes to start a discussion topic then say so on here or on later topics and I will start a new thread accordingly.


This is my first experiment in the blogosphere. I recently read "The Bagdhad Blog" by Salam Pax and when searching for a comment mentioned in the book I stumbled across two Conservative American blogs, "The Ramblings Journal" and "Alarming News". Having posted on these for a few months I thought I might as well try a blog of my own.

I am a 20 year old student studying History at university in Britain with strong views on politics in general and the current international situation in particular. While the description mentions the war on terror, iraq and Britain vis a vis the EU and USA discussion on most topics political and economic is more than welcome as are opposing political views.

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